How to Master Casino Craps in Minutes

All casinos players of the world have heard of casino craps, yet far not all like it for the same reasons. First, it is not as easy as, for example, slots for mobile or blackjack, and, second, all newcomers to a casino find this game hard to master. Indeed, it is really difficult to grasp all rules, bet types and preconditions so that to start playing craps right away. Really, it is hard, but it is possible, otherwise, it could not be that popular among gamblers. The visual difficulty also lies in types of the game, which may be played, even in the same casino and even at the same table. But the real surprise comes when a newcomer learns how to play craps and where to find casino online bonus.

Technically, it is possible to divide the game flow into two phases: the first is so-called ‘come out roll’ and the second – ‘point roll’. The second phase may be abandoned in case the shooter loses or wins momentarily, i.e. when craps dice show 12, 3, 2 or, on the contrary, seven or eleven respectively. This part of craps rules is easy to understand as all of them are one-step games and there is nothing impossible or hidden. The game gets more interesting when it comes to the second phase – ‘point roll’ or point for short. This happens when the shooter hits 4 through 6 or 8 or 9. One of these numbers is called ‘Point’ and it is the central point in craps betting.

Craps strategies may be all around one or two step games; in the former case, they bet for shooter win or loss, while in the latter they bet in a bit different way, which is more complex by default. For the ease of understanding and without many details about each of the bets, it is enough to say that there exist ‘pass line’, ‘don’t pass line’, ‘come’ and ‘don’t come’ types of bets, which have different outcomes as well as house edges. The two pairs of antipodes ensure the freedom of one’s choice to bet for win or loss of the shooter. Understanding the bets in craps shows the inner simplicity of the game and in addition saves the time of any player on working out his or her own strategy.

This is very much so because, on one hand, the dice are giving a limited number of combinations, and, on the other hand, there are two of two possible steps in the game only. This picture may give a limited number of seemingly winning combinations in every game, but every player may choose in between one or two-steps strategy, or go into more sophisticated and branched variant of betting, which is also common enough. Most of craps players are very live people and they like to play the game showing their emotions; maybe this is the main reason why the tables of craps in every casino are so crowded and noisy, and, as a rule, completely isolated from other games in a casino.